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"I purchased Python for Finance a while back and I use it religiously, I cannot thank you enough."

"An excellent summary of the state-of-the art of Python for Finance."

"Very useful and to the point."

"This is an excellent book that works both as teaching medium as well as a reference."

"Great book! And useful for a quant who wants to start to use Python in his job."

"I would definitely recommend it if you want to use Python for finance."

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About the author

Yves Hilpisch is founder and managing partner of The Python Quants Group (cf. The group focuses on Open Source technologies for Financial Data Science, Algorithmic Trading and Computational Finance. It also provides data, financial and derivatives analytics software (cf. Quant Platform and DX Analytics) as well as consulting services and Python for Finance trainings.

Yves is also author of the books Derivatives Analytics with Python (Wiley, 2015) and Listed Volatility and Variance Derivatives (Wiley, 2016). As a graduate in Business Administration with a Dr.rer.pol. in Mathematical Finance, he lectures on Computational Finance at the CQF Program and on Data Science at the htw saar University of Applied Sciences.

Furthermore, Yves organizes Python & Open Source for Quant Finance meetups and conferences in Frankfurt (cf. Open Source in Quant Finance), London (cf. Python for Quant Finance) and New York (cf. For Python Quants).

Quant Platform

All Jupyter Notebooks and all Python code files for immediate execution and usage. No installation necessary, just an easy and quick registration under

Below you find a brief tutorial explaining how to register and how to use the Jupyter Notebooks and all Python code files on the Quant Platform.

Github Repository

All Jupyter Notebooks and all Python code files for easy cloning and local usage. Make sure to have a comprehensive scientific Python installation (2.7.x or 3.4+) ready.


We are offering Python for Finance online training classes — leading to a University Certification — about Financial Data Science, Algorithmic Trading and Computational Finance. In addition, we also offer customized corporate training classes. See or just get in touch below.

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